About The Baddies


Hitting the streets in 2014, new fashion brand, The Baddies, embraces its founder, Kevin Boy's playful attitude. Through the use of funny images and provocative slogans, the brand is poised to be the go-to fashion line for people who are looking to make a statement.

The roots of the brand are traced back to 2011, when KB's prank reality show “Kidney Buster” expanded his crew’s scope for the satirical humor in the city. KB knew that now was the time to expand his operation. Taking a no-holds barred attitude, The Baddies strives to showcase a distinctive personality and bring back fun in street wear.

The creative design of The Baddies is 100% local and takes inspiration from online culture, music, and daily life. The brand strives to work with international brands from time to time to create a dialogue between local pop culture and international design. Say goodbye to the monotony of the daily grind -- The Baddies are here! Expect boundaries to be broken through a heavy dosage of fashion, culture, music, and life.